Our Clients

Heathstone’s client portfolio includes over 350 properties including Shopping Centers, Offices, Apartments, Homeowner associations, and “big box” retailers.

“It has been over 12 years since Hearthstone started working for me and they now do the sweeping, landscaping and maintenance at every shopping center I manage in Middle Tennessee. It has been a delight to work with people who promise results and then deliver. When they promise to do something, I am certain it will be done and done well. It is rare today to find a company so totally reliable.”

Richard A Rice
Richard A. Rice & Company

“Hearthstone’s innovative ‘Snow Diary Report’ saved me, the tenant and the owner from a slip-and-fall lawsuit. We had an accident and were presented with a potentially-significant claim. When the claims adjuster saw the snow diary, he said that there wouldn’t be any case against us because we could PROVE that we had taken reasonable precautions. He was right-the case was dismissed. On another property I am aware of (not serviced by Hearthstone at the time), there was a similar incident but the owner wound up paying a large settlement. Hearthstone takes good care of me.”

joanne Senall, Property Manager
Market Land Company

“Hearthstone always does a good job for me. My advice to them? Keep on doing what you’re doing.”

Richard Jones
World Realty

“These guys are Johnny-on-the-spot.”

Sam Saffide
Northfield Crossing Partners
Perimeter Management, Inc.